About Me

I was raised in the inner city in Seattle Washington. I graduated from Rainier Beach High School and got my Bachelor Degree from University of Washington. I’ve been blessed to be around people who cared about my future and gave me the knowledge to establish my financial future. Now, I didn’t start off saving the minute I started to make money but I wished I did. I’m been saving for the last 16 years and I see the benefits over all these years. I want to pass on my learnings, advice and tools that I’ve used to teach to others.

My beginnings, I wasn’t saving anything because my mindset was if I had money in the bank I would spend it. I thought credits cards were a free shopping spree, living paycheck to paycheck and not getting ahead. I got my first corporate job at Microsoft, with benefits (401K, Stock options) and I didn’t know what to do with it. My future began, when I asked my co-workers about these benefits and what I should do, they educated me and highly encouraged me to sign-up. In fact, they demanded that I sign up and that advise has been a blessing ever since. I started out having no information or the skills to being financial stable and now my focus is building my wealth, as my personal dream. I didn’t always have it easy, I had some financial set back of loss of jobs, divorce and illness. However, by being financial stable I was able to get though these times. No doubt this added financial stress but I didn’t lose anything, as I was able to still make my car payments, mortgage payment and major bills.

My current dreams are to pay my house and student loans off early to be able to retire early. Retirement to me means, I have no debt and enough money saved to support my lifestyle that is not dependent on employment. I hope you enjoy my blog and that it helps you to become financial stable to achieve your dreams.