Being Fake seems popular 

Most of us are quick to point out who’s fake by personality, hang bags, jewelry and shoes. Who’s not keeping it 100 but we ignore this when it comes to money. Big houses, fancy cars, flashy jewelry would SEEM someone has it all but many times one’s financial stability is phoney.

Living on borrowed credit and spending beyond ones net income is being financially fake. This financial status isn’t real. If something happens that “real” life can bring – loss of a job, having medical issues, sick family member, divorce or death in the family…the fake lifestyle will not help you through this!! However, its seems popular to live this kind of life…through people we know, social media, and famous people. Being Popular is a fade, it generally gets old and when its up..what will you be left with?

Keep it 100! Do More, For You! Decide to control your money and learn to be financially stable, which is the real thing to do!


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