Save Money to “save” yourself or your family


If you are a minority or categorized as low income, save money to save yourself. Today, with a heavy heart hearing about another unarmed black man killed by a police officer. I want to talk about how money will likely determine the faith of this case. No money will save racial profiling, scared police officers or the lost of a loved one. The side I am coming from, is aftermath of an injustice. If you are broke, poor, uneducated— it is going to be very difficult to get “justice”. No money for legal counsel, court and fillings fees, time off from work and on the personal side funeral expenses, lost wages from the lost one, its all bad!

This country, has to make a lot of changes to make these injustice right. My blog is about saving and budget NOT our justice system but I want people to think about, what could you do if this happened to you and your family. Saving is not just about buying things and  retirement because unfortunately sometimes it about saving yourself from all the wrongs that should be right.


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