Holidays are near, start saving so you don’t have to break the bank


Yeah, it’s just September and about (3 months, 12 weeks) until Christmas time but this is also typically 6 paychecks if paid every two weeks. Time to set your budget for the holidays you celebrate. Based on that budget divide this by the number of paycheck you have coming to be able to set some money aside.

Set the Budget ($xxxx) divide by (# of Paychecks) before you start shopping.

Example: Family of 3, a budget of $200 per person for Christmas and save a little more if you have that extra holiday spirit that makes you spend more. Budget is $600 ($200 x 3), save at least $100 ($600/6) per paycheck starting September to mid- December.

Soon, retail shops are going to remind us that the holidays are coming…if they haven’t already. Most of us roll our eyes and shake our heads of the upcoming “spending” season. So, take some of the burden off and plan for it.

Tip: Start saving early in the year for holidays (birthday, anniversaries, holidays, etc.) and you will have more paychecks to save towards these events.


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