Ain’t No Future in your Frontin’


Shout out to the 90’s with a classic and whether you are in the hood, suburbs or one of the richest neighborhoods, let hard times hit and you will see your true wealth. My interpretation of “Ain’t no future in your frontin’ represents people who spend money they don’t have to “show off” (your frontin’) their things while being a step away from broke (no future). We have seen it time and time again, people admiring someone we “think” has it all and they lose it all – because of a lost job, buying a house they can’t afford (expenses outside of the mortgage) and many other reasons why people have less income. Hard times will happen and the way to ease these challenges is to save and live BELOW your means.

To live below your means is to budget your expenses and save with your take home income and adjust this every time your expenses or income changes. (Set a Budget blog post) This way there is a future in your frontin’, as you can afford it!


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