Life is giving me lemons, and no one is serving lemonade


My blog provides my experiences and examples of why you should save and how to do it. The last 3 days is taking a piece of my pie (saving), paying expenses for water damage to my house and a flat tire WHILE paying everything I already pay (bills). Needless to say, I’m stressed, I’m upset, I’m whining a little bit about why is this happening but I’m not breaking the bank. It’s a dip in the savings and happy I have to money to pay for it without using credit, that would carry more feelings being overwhelmed, discourage and broke.

Saving gets you what you want in life and “save”s you from what you don’t want in life. Saving money isn’t something you do when you are older, it’s something you should do the minute you have things that could cost you more money if you have to maintain it or fix it.

I get the positive message in the statement, if life gives you lemons make lemonade. Basically, roll with the punches, make do with what you have or find the positive in a negative situation. My positivity this morning, Thank God I have the money to gets these items fixed without using credit and get through this week and get back to normal when all this is over (I will drink the lemonade).


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