Working hard gets you nowhere, money will

Don’t get me wrong, working hard will get you moving up in your company, your business and job promotions. It will earn you more money but if you are not managing that money, it is round and round you go. The round and round is work hard, pay bills, run out of money and repeat. Stop, the cycle and get your life to go somewhere.

Managing your money is to stay within your budget and save. To have money saved for those raining days (unexpected expenses), can save you the stress and overwhelming feeling by unfortunate expenses. Money saved if your car breaks down and needs repairs or if you had to go to the doctor and your insurance didn’t cover some of the costs and many other things that can happen. With no money saved, these expenses can set you back financially, having to pay back people/creditors you might owe and then try to recover. Unfortunately the bigger the expense the longer you will be in this cycle, going nowhere.

You want to build a safety net, the money you save will help keep you moving forward as life tries to stop you.


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