I can’t save today, nothing tomorrow

I made $12 an hour and uttered the words, “I can’t save…I don’t make enough money!!!!” when I was told the importance in saving/investing. After being grilled to sign up for 401K (employer match at 6%) and I decided to let go of the excuses of why I can’t afford to, I calculated the numbers.

There are no emotions in math, so here it went. $480.00  ($12 x 40) X .06 (6%) = $28.80 per week x 2 = $57.60 per paycheck. For me, it was easier to think by week so if $28.80 was going to be taken out of my check I could sacrifice ordering pizza each week and cook instead. This made sense to me, I narrow it down to a level that didn’t seem to hard and signed up for 401K.

Back then I said “I can’t save”, today I say, “Thank God, I did – my life is better because of it.


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